Thursday, March 8, 2018

A week of Wellington Drag

It's Pride week and The Wireless has run a daily article on Wellington and New Zealand Drag Artists.
Photo by Ezra Simons
Yours Truly was asked to be spokesperson for drag artists who portray their assigned gender. Baz the journalist likes the term bio queen, but I do not. For a start, the important word is Drag, and all the alt terms offered for ftf or mtm drag replace that word! So, I choose Drag Artist for all, and if anyone is that interested in what is being tucked or taped, they'll have to come to a show ;-)
From our Wednesday article, you can easily find the Monday one on the influence of RuPaul, Tuesday on our darling Drag Kings, Thursday's interview with Trixie Martell, and Friday's photo essay on a big group of local drag artists who were able to make the photo shoot. I did mine at 6pm but the Friday group shots were late on Thursday night, far past my bed time!

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